Advanced Technology

That lifts Venetian Blinds into the 21st century

Thought that external blinds were your only option?

Inglass is proud to present a unique and revolutionary product – a blind built into the window!

A sophisticated shading solution that is comprised of a venetian blind sealed inside insulation glass, adjustable using either a magnetic or an electric control system.

This innovative product allow for excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and provides protection from noise pollution and harsh weather.


A blind sealed between two glass planes, provides excellent thermal an acoustic insulation.


Dust-proof, no need to clean the blinds ever!


extremely reliable mechanism, built to last for years without any glitches. Does not require maintenance whatsoever.


Designed in a stylish and fashionable manor, with bulky external elements. Conserves space by utilizing the interior of the window itself.


Easley and quickly operated. Anyone can do it!

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Allow light into your home with a touch of a button

Discover inglass shading systems! Unique and unusual design with and gentle and precise finish, using only high-quality materials.

Inglass – demand the original!

Our customers are satisfied

“As an aluminum consultant, it’s very important for me to work only with the best of professional, who know their trade well. Inglass are the best when it comes to blinds and shading products. Cooperating with them is easy and enjoyable as their response time is short I can always count on them to find a solution to any situation I have to deal with. Inglass know what my business needs and what my customers want!
Avi Stern
As a professional in the field of Aluminium with more than 25 years of experience - I recommend Inglass to all who ask. I can rely on them to provide with with the most reliable best quality product there is. The company’s representatives are very professional and polite, and are always at my disposal from start to finish. Beyond the customer service aspect, I have to confess that working with their products is easy - the installation is a piece of cake, it saves me time and effort and the customer is always satisfied with the end product.
Yinon Cohen Aluminium
When it comes to shading systems for home or office - Inglass are the best. I am very familiar with this market and i can attest that there is a great deal of demand for Inglass products, due to their reliability. They are very popular among construction project throughout the country.
Micha Levi, Construction Contracter

Running Current

Inglass has developed a system that meets all customer requirements. The system is a hidden wheel assembly that runs electrical current to the electric blind regardless of the position of the wing. The system is compatible to all movable blind system manufactured by Alubin, Extal and Klil. The system is weatherproof, and is of high-quality, high-esthetics, as well as being easy to assemble and use.

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