At Inglass Company, high standard glass-work and shading systems are our specially. Our company has acquired more than 35 years of experience working with both privet and business sectors.

We manufacture a wide verity of shading products sealed with insulated glass. Our pride and joy is the built-in venetian blind window. Our shading solutions are excellent for balcony entrances, kitchen windows, bedrooms, bathrooms and offices. The built-in mechanism is highly reliable and lasts for years without any glitches. This all is made possible by our highly innovating production technology, regarded as the most advanced in the world. All our products are designed and manufactured in Israel.

Inglass's unique technology enables the production of extremely high quality shading systems, the likes of which have yet to be seen. Our products have exelent acoustic and thermal insulation properties, which make them highly suitable for extreme climates. Our manufacturing uses raw materials of the best quality and abides the strictest quality assurance procedures and standards.  

We take into account the importance of eco-friendly construction and strive to provide our customers with systems that allow maximum energy efficacy and conservation. Furthermore, we are also aware of the importance placed by our customers on aesthetics and thus all our products are stylishly and luxuriously designed and can blend into any soundings.

The results speak for themselves – our shading systems enjoy high popularity. Dozens of construction contractors, project managers, aluminum professionals and interior designers have chosen Inglass products for the customers. Our shading solutions can be found in countless homes, offices and commercial buildings.

We strive to provide high quality and innovative products, able to meet even the strictest of standards. Our passion and professionalize have placed us and our products at the lead of the glass and shading industry, for both privet and business sectors. You can rest assured that Inglass will provide you with glass and shading systems of unprecedented quality. Our customer service is also known for its courteousness, reliability and professionalism.

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